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Mo., 15. Mai


Zoom meeting

Winter with light drappe, great picture and light guidance

Let's talk and surprised ourselves/each other using new good, poses submited to the model and props. Full members can submit ideas.

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Winter with light drappe, great picture and light guidance
Winter with light drappe, great picture and light guidance

Zeit & Ort

15. Mai 2023, 19:00 – 21:20 GMT+1

Zoom meeting


Über die Veranstaltung

Start the week in the best possible way with guidance when you need it and enjoy Free to £10 tickets with choice in between. Every little counts.

This Online zoom class keeps you doing the right things, so you can do more, better with Tony's assistance/Guidance for the first 1/2 of evey monday class.

This works really well for those who need their confidence and skills back to go back to good old in Person classes. Something you can never beat, there, is the creative energy/Adrenaline and melatonine buzz.

We are and will slowly be listing, for you, all Local Life/Figure Drawing classes, Portraiture, Sculpture, no matter where they are on our blue planet as long as they aren't only dedicated to making as much money as possible for as little effort as possible.

This class can fit all type of Artists/enthousiasts anywhere:

  • Those who need their beneficial creative time every week as an improvement to their Lives, which in the long term improves the World we live in,
  • Those who are very busy trying to make a living and who can Draw while working or after
  • People who put their lives at risk everyday for us and who can get discounted tickets
  • People who are skinned, receiving financial assistance
  • People in Therapy, who need help in whatever way possible using Art as a great Therapy.
  • People with a very difficult life who work all night or early mornings
  • Students who need any help they can find to learn whatever could help their career
  • Anyone isolated, anywhere in the World who needs to get together with similarly nice creative souls
  • People with a disability or with earing problems
  • Models who simply love Art and be part of it, which is why I trippled their wages from 2004.
  • Those who plan to go back to in Person Life Drawing classes and who really don't want to hide their drawings or themselves.
  • Artists who want get Free classes by entering our weekly competition for all classes. One day they will win bigger prizes and share with everyone involved or Charities.
  • Someone who needs that little extra push, motivation and who like the idea of competing and winning prizes so they can improve, devellop faster.
  • Someone who has been a regular to our in Person classes in London UK and understands what has been accomplished, offering their support
  • Beginners, people who can't even draw stick men and women and who want to learn what they should/need, not what a curriculum has imposed to keep them paying for as long as possible.
  • People who, went to support our new King's Coronation in London, who like myself has spent his life helping young and all kind of people with real affordable education and training in this country. Good on you Charles and all the very best!
  • Anyone who can explain their situation with proofs so that we can do what we do best, fixing their problem.
  • Those who spend their ticket money in any kind of paying advertising because they also belive in making their World a better place...

All Monday classes are extra dynamic and ideal for Very short, medium to very long poses using our recordings (£10 or £20/month membership).

At the end we show our drawings with quick feedback as proper feedbacks are for those with a Passion or plan which are our Monthly full members who can save and then donate to the models who deserve and so influence our Art World globally.

I myself Drew people before I could walk and probably will after. This network is another huge challenge of mine, trying to fix things in the long term, the way I also did in Photography, Interior design/Building, Drawing on Location, Life Drawing on Meetup, Burlesque Drawing classes, Outdoor classes on squares and parks, Gesture Drawing with Dancers, Office Life Drawing, Fun Hen/Stag events, Multi-model classes, Portrait/Doodle sessions, 103 pubs used for regular classes, trying to also, save a few while bringing crowds together with 1/3 £$ cost classes at £4, $5 in 2004, bullied the Media/public opinion a little, with TV, Radio, international press, all to avoid what had happened in Photography with the end of the celluloid film/end of 2D drawing. Now talking about film, whoever wants to help me write a script for a Netflix series is more than welcome as a film or animation...



  • Live Only

    6,00 £
    Verkauf beendet
  • Compete with Weekly recordings

    Anyone with any level of competitive spirit can try to use their spare time to get their fee refunded for now, let their contact know, so that they may be able to win a proper Cash prize, shared between Artist, Model, Charity and Admin. Full members can compete too at no cost to them and win £10 for now if we have at least 3 entries so they'll also let their firends, colleagues or family know. I'll be competing too at some point so best of Luck to us all! (Smile). Only need to pay £10 per week.

    10,00 £
    Verkauf beendet
  • Full members & Models Ticket

    All Memberships from £15/month, give you access to all Live and recorded events, from which you could win cash prizes or simply use any spart time for your Art & Passion. Simply let your people know...

    0,00 £
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  • Discounted tickets

    Please email your proofs at first, wait for a reply and once agreed get yourself the right ticket. If you buy a £2 and don't show your proof, you agree to loose them so we can pass them on to our Life model as donation. For being at the King's coronation please show crowd shots and selfies.

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    • 2,00 £
    • 2,00 £
    • 2,00 £
  • One-off Monthly Membership

    20,00 £
    Verkauf beendet


0,00 £

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