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Things you can do now Online that weren't possible before at in Person classes which we all loved and will always miss, are:

  • You had to travel there and pay for time & transport

  • You used to travel distances and most of the time would not do any Social networking or chat with other Artists because attendees were simply too different from each other when Online people just talk, chat because it doesn't matter. they know we are going to be different and from all arounf the World.

  • You had to limit yourself in what to use because of what you could carry to the class, or because of the lack of desk space. Now you can use absolutely any medium and prepare everything in advance from equipment to backgrounds, even size doesn't matter anymore.

  • When In Person Classes disappeared because of Covid many people suffered even more mentally so Online was the perfect Cure.

  • In the Past you would go, draw and go home, without much options afterwards to finish any work, as photography is often not allowed at classes. Now you can hire the recording of a zoom class and restart or finish your work at home.

  • You can start a Painting from your drawing using recordings, which is a good thing to go the painting way. Don't we all go that way?

  • You can even access to dozens of recordings permanently and keep on trying, improving until you find your way, Style.

  • You can now have much more time to experiment until a style emmerges which is hardly possible to do with In Person Life Drawing classes or with Software and graphic tablets.

  • You can now show your drawings at the end of every class when Online, get feedbacks, appreciate others work, when at in Person classes this didn't exist until about 5 years ago which we happily and possibly started in London UK but it remains quite rare.

  • When you go to a class now, Online, you can take a break at absolutely anytime, switch off your camera and go and put the kettle on or grab a cold drink.

  • Before a Life Drawing class had a style of tutor and crowd that would grow organically because the participants would feel they belong. Many newcomers would keep on coming and not find the place/adequate for them. When online, because the physical aspect is gone, this does not apply anymore.

  • Before a non tutored class would remain that way forever and the same for a tutored class, now we can say we do tutored on Monday, Longer poses on Tuesday, Portraits on Wednesday, even longer poses with nude torsos on Thursday, all day sessions on Friday and All levels tutored on Saturday and it is perfectly fine which gives a much much bigger choice of what can be done. 

  • Before a Life Drawing class was just it and only the organizer could manage the session and entertain to some extent. Now we can have tutors and specialist from all around the World who can tutor, lecture, demonstrate. Limits have simply gone for good.

  • When people come to draw and they pay monthly, each class comes to as little as £1 so Donations make our world turn. Full members can now express what they want or don't like with giving or not giving donations... This is also called cause and effects when we influence our World and make it more like the way it should be... Some would also call that pure Freedom to make a better World...

  • Before you would tell your friend or partner that you are going to a class and they'd just let you go and say, have a good one. Now you can turn arounf and say why don't we draw together as Flatmates or Family group and create Special moments. You'll just need to provide the materials and use a big screen.

  • Before you would rarely see anyone Painting at a class, now 50% do and numbers are growing.

  • People are waiting for in Person classes to happen again safely, which is great as I will also be there or teach the class but no matter what, we will never be able to do all that's possible Online...

  • At the Life Drawing Network which is nearly in all big to medium cities in the World we are slowly growing, improving looking for support and partners and ready to use online life Drawing to help the come back of in Person classes to more cities in the UK and everywhere than ever before, as both should be used to make our lives better, to keep us together while creating the New 2D 21st Century Art...

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