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What to do, step by step, for, New to the Network as well as new to the job, Life models no matter where you are in the World/even orbiting around it:

The quick way

1- Join our Network by signing up, knowing that Life models never pay for anything and never will with us.

2- Send an email to with photos and Life model abilities, experience, interests

3- tell us when you will be available for an hour audition, preferably on a day/evening we reserve for auditions weekly such as Monday, Tuesday 7pm in the UK. It would help if you go to one or two online classes beforehand.

4- Find a new model name we will always use for you

5- Start recording yourself if your camera/lighting/setup are good so you can get paid like a normal class job at £20/h from a recording. This recording could also be hired by other verified teachers globally and you get 50%

6 - Once we know you a bit better we will invite you to the write Availability calendars globally visible to Monthly members

7- You let anyone interested in Drawing know about our Monthly memberships and you also get 50% for as long as we work together.

8- Find people who'd like to draw you/Paint you in their own time to sell their Art and make sure they sell from our Website so you can get your 25% commission.

The less quick way

1- Sign up to this website

2- Go to our Job group Page to say which groups you'd join.

3 - Go to our Register page to fully Register

4 - Send 2 emails to with Dressed, Portrait photos using the subject "Portrait" with photo preferably not used on FB or Instagram and another of nudes reserved to pros and commercial Artists. In return we will send our Pro Photo and video model release to read and digitally sign as well as a blank invoice. Usually we wait until the next day after a job and tell you how much to invoice us for as all our classes do donations which is something we started about 10 years ago at regular classes in London UK

5- Find a new name that we'll use for you from now on, different from what you use daily incl. Facebook and Instagram.

6 - make sure you stop your subscription to any Life model agency who charge Life models to Work, use their audition time for profit and who even charge male models so that they can pose for Art :). In today's world this should disappear for good with everyone's knowledge and support.

7- Tell whoever employ you for any Art classes to never again use those people and work with us instead. See other reasons here...

8- Take advantage of our referral program by letting all your people know about the Network or group(s) you are involved with here at LDN. If you can bring passionate artists our way regularly then we would invite you to our Affiliate program.

9- You will need to start a google calendar to show your availability and to receive direct bookings without us being involved but still from our website.

10 - You will write interesting facts/stories to us at to do with life modeling that we will share with our Network using your new name.

11 - Same as for the quick way to join in term of commissions so please read the quick way above.

12- become our eyes and ears in the Life Drawing World that would not exist without Life models to help us do an even better job. Write to us anything you see or hear at

13 - Contact other models so that they also benefit and don't fall in traps where they end up having to please really bad people for maybe get a job one day. Simply tell them to keep away from the baddies.

14 - Be ready to record yourself modeling in one hour slots or use those hour slots to go live or pre-recorded on our 2021 permanent Art station or audition nights. Once upon a time we organized Public Elections  of truly best life models when star rating didn't exist yet.

15 - Let us know and we will let you know of any events organized by life models for life models only. We already have one meetup group for that called "Draw and be drawn"

16 - make sure that any business or services you can offer is filmed in your own time or by us so we can promote you at no cost. We just try to make sure Life models are happy and well...

17- If by any chance you were to hear anything bad/ Alarming about anyone, even people working here in our Network please forward it immediately to us at as there is a bit of a business competition war happening mainly in London UK and we need to put an end to little nasty things happening for the last 15 years where innocent Life models get used to fight an anonymous defamation war in exchange for a job or two, if lucky.

18 - Start taking photos by yourself, of yourself at home that 1/2 of our Artists do need to see and were able to see, for the last 20 years until it recently stopped thanks to privacy laws/lawyers and due to the same London business war, non-stop defamation  in the Art world organized by the same people who maybe trying to make us go back to before the Dinosaurs where life was hidden under the rocks or deep in the obscure ocean.

19 - Let us help you run your own life Drawing classes from home with our help and platform for a small admin cost so you never need to worry ever again

20 - Make sure to start a support Patronage group here so more and more people can donate regularly, Kching, in exchange for your professional and Artistic services.

21 - Let's get ready for Post  Corvid Vaccination days and let us know by email where you'd like to travel to using your modeling skills to pay for your expenses or if you can host any  traveling Artist in exchange for rent and modeling cost from home wherever you are.  We'll help with verifying models and Artists before this can possibly happen.

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