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Who are our regular members?

  • People who were regulars sometime within our 18 years happy crusade and who have become more than attendees they've become family members. They also know that me being split between two cities at the moment doesn't help with starting in Person classes so we see each other at online classes and Portrait sessions which are great for chatting and a giggle.

  • Those who work from home, freelancers who definitely don't know when they will have the time to feel good at getting creative/Artistic. They automatically receive the link of all our recordings about 30 mins after the event has ended and can play it for as long as they are Full members with regularly changing passwords. The longer you've been regular the more pages of recordings you can access. They may be able to find 10 mins there, an hour somewhere else or half a day/a all morning by getting up early and then they can truly enjoy, their time, Life and even share with a family member once/occasionally. They also ask us to work on an idea they need to solve for their next illustration or animation and without telling anyone we find a solution and ask a model to help us make this happen.

  • Professional Artists who painted Flowers, animals, landscapes all their lives because drawing people bring a lot of organizing and logistics. This is now long gone. They can draw, Paint from recordings that are now going to become more and more HD and 4K... They also ask for particular styles of models, clothes, duration of poses, Gesture, etc... We also ask them if they want to sell their Art with us in our Anonymous Gallery knowing that our life models receive 1/2 of our commission. We will also include those in our Newsletters.

  • Students who Pay less at £15/month and can organize their studies, parties and Drawing/painting sessions to prepare any Portfolios or simply improve quicker than ever before.

  • People recovering from an illness or who know someone who does, people in Isolation for 14 days anywhere in the World.

  • and our majority of regulars who are people who like their home set up where everything gets possible and who know how lucky they are to enjoy every minute spend in doing something they love while receiving absolutely Free help so they can become good and confident enough to make the jump and become a Part-time and maybe one day Full time Professional Artist, no matter where they are in this World.

What do Regular Plans members get?

  1. Free guidance from an experience Art teacher with 18 years of giving guidance at every class and 1/2 century Drawing people for a Living.

  2. Be able to organize yourself using a mix of Low quality and HD/4K recordings depending on your preferred duration of drawings/Paintings.

  3. Be able to not just tell people how great what we do is but invite them  by sending them our zoom link for any session. Only you know it's a one off. Our Pro Membership allows for up to 6 people.

  4. Being able to get our help for any of your needs in Models, themes, poses.

  5. Being able to go to Networking events happening internationally all at the same instant and show their work, Art, making new friends in the moment.

  6. Being able to upload 1 drawing every month in our Feedback Gallery, just to know what is wrong and if they've improved, what to do next, etc... This is the part I myself enjoy the most in my job which is to be able to seriously make a difference in People's lives / their Art and how they'll look at our World everyday...

  7. Help with running your own in Person class, no matter where you are in the World

  8. Help in becoming one off our Referral partner if you are a group, School, Business or simply that you won't need to pay anymore...

  9. Obviously help in becoming an Art model for those who wonder how it feels or think about an extra income as an Art model or dressed, costumed one.

Coming soon:

  • As our amount of regular plans members is just about high enough to allow us to open new chapters, we are looking at Employing Recommended Art teachers for one off events.

  • We are writing Scripts of video courses going from one step to the next or simply as a menu of subjects that regular will be able to enjoy in chapters depending how long they've subscribed.

  • We are finalizing our research on giving them the best possible Anonymous gallery so they can sell their Art. Why Anonymous, because as always they are silly gangs of saboteurs out there who keep themselves giggling by joining any online classes for misfit or by contacting models or our members to slender them or someone. Luckily this is extremely rare but we just prefer to avoid any of that completely.

  • We are looking at international beautiful spots for all our Network members to spend holidays to, offering big discounts to full members.

  • Same will apply to Art materials, books and they can even tell us what they want, how much they can afford and we keep looking.

  • When our full members will buy any Art from anyone in the World we'll give them a fair portion of our commission away to also give them a fair discount.

The more members the more will happen.

Tony (+44 7951613705 but text first)

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