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Very few beginners go to in Person classes as they often feel too conscious and would rather hide their drawings...

Now they will never need to again and progress online until they feel ready to jump in to a regular Class.

A regular class cost 4 times what a zoom class does here, and for the same cost anyone can use the recording of that tutored or non tutored class for months, possibly years.

A few benefits for Learners and beginners:

  • Guided tuition is included on Mondays for £2.50

  • One to one chat help during classes turning the camera towards your drawing except for Tuesday also included.

  • You can keep your camera off at all time as long as we know why

  • You can Pin Artist cameras who swap their assistance for classes and who like the idea of doing their bit too.

  • Beginners can now forget about using pencils and go straight to Paint or mediums they get excited about.

Benefits of our Regular Life Drawing Pass for you:

  • Never miss a class as all classes are saved and accessible to Plan holders at anytime, this includes at lease 1 year of classes

  • Keep watching and using Guided sessions so your improvements happen in days rather than years.

  • Challenge yourself also drawing from photos of all kind of subjects from Landscapes, Flowers, vehicles, Carnivals, sunsets, etc...

  • Ask me at anytime for a detailed feedback on one of your drawings.

  • Get a Cloud folder just for yourself that will remain private to store images of your work so I can keep an eye on your progress

  • Write about your learning experience that we'll share with other members and get your monthly expenses refunded.

  • Coming soon: You'll be able to find your style by experimenting with other established styles you will tell us about so we can help.

  • You'll soon realize that Drawing stops worries and increases your energy. In fact if you times that X2 this is what Life Drawing can do. Only a few years ago I realized that Drawing was better for my health than Netflix or Prime. Late at night I realized I couldn't concentrate on writing, for example what you are reading now, but I draw better in fact when tired with new energy coming out from somewhere and everywhere...

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