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The Art Map Explained:
We created and managing 2 public maps that are completely Free to register for, as an Artist, Classes enthousiasts, Life Drawing Class, Teacher, Clay Sculpture class, Artistic nude photo classes, ...... Those maps give you an idea of what is happening near you but don't carry contact information unless someone wants to pay for the service which is reasonable and they are;
- The Public Life Drawing Map that looks really nice and updated manually, that shows Art classes/Schools/teachers, Art models, Portrait models, classes enthousiasts, Private models, Private Artists and this is a global map.
- The Art map we created and organizing is the equivalent to the Public Life Drawing Map but incorporates other Art forms that will help anyone traveling to an area or City. It is created on Google maps to make it easier for everyone to find their way. The other Art forms included are Photography, Video, Tatooes, Creative restaurants, Music gigs, Fashion/photo models, Art courses, 
Again the contact info given is Limited unless people insist and pay for our time updating, adding to their profile.

Specialized Maps:
Pro maps are those where people interested in showing there or to be able to access to them, need to pay a small recurring membership unless they are those looking for work and are paid low wages such as Life Models. Those maps are:
- Pro Life Drawing Map: 
- Private Life Arts Map
- Hen, Stag, organizations and models map
- Alternative Arts Map
There is also an alternative to the Specialized maps which are specialized groups per city and activity, to allow everyone to find the best possible way of Networking so the choice is theirs between maps with contact details or groups with different possibilities.
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