Why do we need to audition life models?

about 1/2 of people auditioning don't turn up because they simply are too scared to get nude in front of Strangers even if this is the job. Those who do turn up again about 50% don't have the stamina for it, so it would simply too much risk to rely on them and could upset a few artists.

Because we try to provide the best possible service we simply can't do that so we ask them to audition, Online, no matter where they are in the World and if they show abilities we list them on our Local model email lists as well as offer them jobs.

They always happen on Wednesdays at 2, 3, 6.30 or 7.30pm  for an hour.

  • What life models need to know:

We pay £20/h + donations that Artists give if they have ticked all the boxes. What are those boxes?

  1. Their Wifi and camera is good: If your Wifi isn't great we may be able to pre-record the class and you get paid like a normal job. Wifi usually goes worse after 6pm.

  2. They don't feel conscious or stressed: To help that we always tell a new model to start with a seating pose or kneing to avoid excess stress and even shaking.

  3. They stay still especially their face and Back: We tell them to think about all their pointy bits and see which direction they are pointing at to be able to correct their poses constantly and keep the same pose.

  4. They don't look tired and sleepy: Those models don't life model for long as they don't get hired again. A good stamina is important.

  5. They vary their poses orientation and level: Artist need to feel surprised, feel novelty, even something risky they didn't expect.

  6. They have new poses every time: A model who shows the same poses at 2 jobs with the same attendees withing the same week or two, are bound to never been asked to come back again. We keep adding new poses to our collections and page of poses to help them and will soon also number and name them for remembering them easily.

  7. They look at the camera, if Online, at least 50% of the time: This is from experience only that I noticed that like singers in a band on tele, if they don't look enough at the audience then it doesn't work that well.

  8. They stay to look at drawings they helped create: Artist don't have many ways to get to know the person they draw which is very important for some, the way it was for Leonardo de Vinci, so this is the only way when doing Virtual classes. Artist get a much bigger buzz out of a model who love being drawn, than from someone who just seats and go.

If those boxes are ticked they should expect good donations. We are here to help them as much as possible so we give them passwords of all our Pages with poses. Later on this page I'll explain in more details how to do the best possible for all of those 8 points.

  • Do all models need to audition? No as if they have a few previous paid jobs experiences we don't need to.

  • Does auditions need to be nude? Yes if you will be posing nude in the Future but we also do Paid jobs where they only Show they Torso, back and hands so we could do the same at the audition, then see if they want the same job in a few weeks or Pose fully with all the help we can give.

  • Do we charge Life models to Audition and work? We don't and have been trying to make this practice stop at least in London UK.

  • Do we charge Life models to work/model? Obviously not and again have exposed a few who happily started charging male models to pose. As we are London based we don't know what have been happening everywhere but would love to know.

  • Do we pay life models at auditions? No for the very reason that we don't audition them at normal classes, we don't sell tickets to Artists who come to draw them. In London some have traded them around and made big business out of that trade. They may continue for many years. They even started classes that went on for about 15 years without any model costs using a constant flow of Free models and without the need to know how to draw at all, using the cheapest community halls in London. Please be aware if you are London based. Nowadays thousands of people are going to be able to try a new Job and continue posing for many years to come in person or Online for any class or anyone in the World with plenty of help. 

  • How do Life models get paid? If Online or in person Life models never get paid before a job, unless it is private modeling is both don't know each other.

then our models also receive donations but some artists decide to give in the morning or even days later so as soon as we know how much, the next day usually, we message the model and asked to be invoiced for that amount. We then transfer or pay immediately.​

  • Why do we change model's names? Simply for their long term privacy as they are always going to be unstable people out there and we cannot put anyone at risk. Some Art class organizers don't and sell recordings of Life models with their real names but we just can't and won't do that.

  • Do Life models get special discounts? yes for us their the Front line of the Art industry and like NHS people we don't charge them for our classes.

  • Is it Ok to ask Life models for their personal details? Absolutely not and they also get told not to give them to anyone for their privacy. Ask me and I'll ask them.

  • Can Life models start their own classes? Yes and no matter where they are.

  • Can they earn extra income from anything? Yes from promoting what we are try to do for 18 years which is easier when not using their real name.

  • What is a session like for a Life model? The first time we work together we have to check your space and lighting so we ask to go online about 1/2 an hour before the class if we haven't done it yet days before the job as we ask if in doubt without any posing involved.

  • What happens if the model has a last minute change of plan and can't do the audition, can they do it again? Yes the next week or soon. Only those who don't give 24 hrs notice will never be given another chance at a class with Artists. A private audition, nude preferably but doesn't have to, is possible also if their only availability doesn't match the audition time. In fact anyone can audition privately and can choose to pose dressed or nude. I can also find other artists who can audition them if I am not available.

  • Can a Life model we gave an audition to, helped and trained at no cost, start modeling for other class organizers? No, because when they usually do, they disappear going from one to another indefinitely. Instead, to avoid that, we help them start their own classes Online or in Person anywhere. In London alone in 2015 there was 600 regular weekly classes happening with only about 10% of organizers who could actually draw or Paint so about 50 working and competing in only about 10% of London, the busiest City in the World for Life Drawing, so models are needed to help us continue bringing people together to draw in the rest of the Country and World, while making a small living out of it. We do not guarantee it will but will do what we can to make things happen for the next 40 years until one day some of you will take over...

  • Can you use your audition as a reference with any Class you may want to pose for? Yes of course and call it LDN registered but we'll be sad to see you going. Please do keep in touch.

  • If you are not 18 but 16+ can you audition and pose for classes? Yes you can as long as you get your Mum or Dad to sign our consentment agreement and if they chaperon you at least at the audition. This is only for Art classes/groups as privately is another matter we don't deal with if you are a minor.

  • What do we do to help you with poses? We will give you the list of all our pages with poses and their passwords, Our pages of videos and recordings with our  recommendations and we will keep on showing you poses from time to time that would suit your personality and physic. Passwords can get changed every day or week, month, whenever so make sure you go through them quickly, name them to remember them, take snaps on your mobile and don't share them with anyone.

  • Can this page be copied? Not at all, as we do not allow that. All our content is copyright protected.

  • Do we allow Artists to grab photos and videos from classes? Absolutely not, it is completely forbidden and explained to them time after time.

Feel free to ask anything via email at eukart at msn.com or text me on 07951613705 (always text first because of spammers).

Tony Picano (FB "creative friends" group)