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Your Model name without any surname. We will add an extra letter for the surname if others have the same name. This is to insure that your identity is kept private for long term protection and needs to be unique/not used anywhere else.

When are you usually available such as every weekend or everyday from 6pm or only on Monday and Thursday at this time. Also let us know when you've stopped from being available for a short duration. Let us know if you decide to stop this job permanently.

Your age in 2021. Any model should be 18 especially if posing with another model or as a group, unless their close parent is present and show themselves with proof of family name  link such as Passport.

Your height in Feet and cms as many have gone to cms.

Anything unusual about you that may surprise the Artist(s) such as Tatooes, their maximum sizes, piercing, including genitalia, scars, Injury, anomaly, disability, it can also be your body shape, your measurements if unusual, your hairs and their color, Pubic hairs, hairy chest, contortionist, talkative, voluptuous, muscular, thin, eyes color if unusual, toned, Sun tanned, Talkative, friendly, Smiling, if you are a Dancer, Actor(tress), Yoga person or do anything that could be used while life modeling.

Images need to show your face or 

body but need to be taken close by. Tastefull Nudity is possible as long as permitted by the model and your pictures need to be showing only here, nowhere else online if possible, for keeping your Identity secure.  A good drawing is fine. We can help with Drawings from photos or Classy B&W photos

Advance booking meaning how much in advance are you able to take a booking such as min. 1 month, apweek or 1 hour and up to anytime. Please make sure to give us your email adress and mobile that we won't share here or anywhere.

Length of poses you are comfortable with or the style from Classical, to difficult or Glam/Alternative. Please make sure that if you answer the later you need to be ready to receive ideas of themes from Erotic Artists (male or female) who will explain the job as accurately as possible but do not get offended and expose anything on Social media as this is considered as Libel and could lead to legal action within a year. Too many have been illegally /unlawfully damaged when no harms were meant at all...

Name of your City or cities if you do travel between them regularly or if going there in the near future.

Please say if you prefer to pose alone as it happened in the past that a few felt uncomfortable and we had to ask the other model to leave.

Your rates but more importantly the minimum you are are willing to earn at one class or private modeling job, also if you include your travel expanses which is usually the case. Some organizers might also be looking for using the same model for a serie of jobs and you need to say if you are willing to negociate so write "ONO" for or nearest offer or simply "negociable". You can also write your rate for private modeling but make sure to not double your regular rate or Artists will, presume that you do Glam/Erotic poses so make sure there is no misunderstanding.

Your Area, neighborhood very useful to your Local classes and how do you travel. Cycling means that you can get to a Local class quickly if needed urgently and available.

Where can you travel to and get there within a reasonable amount of time. Please tell us the maximum length of your travel in duration. Also do you expect to be paid for that journey both ways, which needs to be agreed about in advance.

Whatever extra needs you may have such as Extra heaters, lighting, less light, matress, music and style, nibbles, drinks, this the place to memtion it.

Here is the place to say what style of class/job you are interested in from Classical Life drawing, to Burlesque, costumes including period if you own them, short poses only, repeated gesture, Alternative such as Goth/vampire style, couple if you know anyone interested, Erotic in a completely professional environment with sensible organizers and without surprises. Sex cannot be involved in any way or it would become Porn and would cease to be Art.

Any Other job that you'd consider that involves nudity or not such as Extra for Films/Movies, nude waitress, nude receptionist, Cleaner or anything you are qualified and experienced with or interested in.

Link to your Portfolio on this website only accessible to monthly members so we know who you are and that you are 18 years old as nudity and erotica might show tastefully in an Artistic way.

Jobs you are definitely not interested in, and won't take kindly such offers, which is a good place for making sure things are kept honest and transparent... Feel free to say why such as your partner doesn't like it or bad past experience...

Links to your calendar of availability or Patreon group.

Our priorities have always been, since 2004, and will always be, your Safety, security and Privacy no matter what.
If you've heard or may hear in the future any different, please remember that Social media is also designed for Lies, corruption, agression, business competition and conspiracies so make sure to ignore at least, report which is the best you can do to us, and to the authorities and always trust us after spending a generation of efforts, to save and re-create this industry which can only exist because of Life Models we've employed at top rates and conditions...

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