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Feel free to use this Free for all service so you can enjoy the type of Music you like while drawing at our Online classes. Click and access to the Music directly.

Facts: in 2004 was our first ever class in Bethnal green London during which, I started to used permanently, Classical/Piano Music as well as soothing style tunes and never stopped since to help participants concentrate better and start using more of their brain's right side. Since I Influenced as much as I could. In 2005 I Employed a DJ art teacher as our first ever class I wasn't running (with Nils Edelman) and never stopped since. Now also influenced for Online classes by using mainly copyright free classical music at every class. Zoom isn't really designed for Live Music  but our recordings carry perfectly sounding tunes that full members can enjoy. Here is our forever growing listing of Copyright Free Music playlists as well as recommended spotify albums and youtube copyright Free links.

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