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All our groups are created only to help us offer jobs to our Life models. We have general groups for Experienced and New life models for Online and in Person classes. For the Experienced and non experienced models we have Hen, Stag, costume/Cosplay, Tattoes/piercings,  Queer, Burlesque, Transformation, Acting and Pro-active Life models.  Each theme has to be explained so no mistake is made, please see below.

We'll also explain the Life models salaries in 2020 and before.

For you to understand better you should all know that, making our life difficult, we Tripled Life models wage in 2004 and X100's time the amount of people who could find work and brought X10 more people to the classes, changing the landscape of Art classes forever. We think it's aLways better to inform everyone.

Styles and Income:

  • Experienced and non experienced Life models: £20/h + donation and same for all other models except for

  • Hen & Stag Life model paid £80/90 mins event + donations. Please do not accept jobs paid less where you are asked to run the event yourself with a lot of equipment to carry and paid less.

  • Burlesque Models get paid more depending on how experienced they are. A beginner gets paid £20/h + donations when a Pro can ask up to £120 for the session so always good to double check.

  • Transformation Life models earn 1/2 of what we earn in Memberships and get paid £20/h + donation as normal.

  • Acting Life models are Feature Films, Movies actors and extras who don't mind tasteful nudity

  • Costume/cosplay Models get paid between £15 to £20/h depending on their costumes/outfits

  • Portraits Only models are paid £15/h + Donations

  • Pro active Life models are those who help us regularly spread the good word and get a financial reward for it. Please be aware of well known Life model groups who ask their Life models to do similar as well as illegal things for fictitious most of the time future jobs. Please report to us immediately.


After that we split those groups into sub groups per cities anywhere in the World. If you join a group and happen to not do what you say you can do, then we may delete your profile.

Auditions: Because hundreds of models throughout our 17 years of good service have complained about being charged to be able to model on a monthly or per event basis on top of giving their audition time, with no authority able to put an end to this, we simply do the opposite here and allocate every Wednesday for Life models to audition for most styles in front of Artists who also do not pay for the class, instead they pay a tiny membership. A link to our auditions slot availability Board is given to Life models we know and those we work with. if you are a new life model you have to audition as 20% of newbiees simply change their mind at the last minute, then another 20% move too much when posing, another 20% just aren't reliable, forgot or didn't write it down in their diary so we have to audition without charging them for the service.

The first thing all models need to do is to join our Google groups for experienced or inexperienced Life models. Experienced ones can join any other groups but if not then we need to audition you first on a Wednesday or at anytime in the Day with the right Artist/Art teacher. Art teachers are busy people so they'll only make the time for the type of models they usually prefer to draw as every Artist has his/her own tastes, which makes us all different and human.

  • All Unexperienced/ New Life models here

  • All Volunteers here

  • All Experienced Life models here

  • All Portrait models here

  • All Burlesque Models here

  • All Costume/Cosplay Models here

  • All Fashion Models (Classy Labels) here

  • All Transformation Life models here

  • All Hen Life models here

  • All Queer Life models here

  • All Stag Life Models here

  • All Tattooed/pierced Life models here

  • All Pro Active Life models and models here

  • All Acting Life Models here

  • All travelling models here

We then create sub-groups by Cities/countries that are shown on our Sub-groups Page here.

Some may wonder what exactly are those types of models so will define them here.

  • All Unexperienced/ New Life models: People who haven't modeled more than 3 times and paid for it.

  • All Volunteers: Volunteers are people who don't mind jumping in to help or to be drawn by Artists because they also enjoy being part of the artistic process, or want to live the challenge.

  • All Experienced Life models: Anyone who has been paid 3 times or more and could get a reference if needed. 

  • All Portrait models: Portrait models are people who can pose indoor or outdoors using their mobile phone and wearing clothes down to Swim suit as a minimum.

  • All Burlesque Models: Burlesque models are people who can do the modeling and dressing up but pros are those with stage experience and who have a few routine they can perform on demand when paid accordingly.

  • All Costume/Cosplay Models: They are Life models who can pose nude and dressed in the same session using stunning/interesting costumes.

  • All Fashion Models (Classy Labels): Models who are already fashion models but who will only pose with fashion labels clothing for the right agreed wage.

  • All Transformation Life models: They are people who know that their body is going to change, because of Diet, Bodybuilding, Pregnancy, Illness (cancer).

  • All Hen Life models:  MEN with a sens of humour and who can make groups of women giggle without going too far. Need to be attractive, well proportioned and good at English language. Those models also know that they can get paid better. They also need to let us and the group, know if taking photos is permitted.

  • All Queer Life models: People who love looking the part for their style and would rather pose for the right appreciating audience.

  • All Stag Life Models: Those are female life models who are attractive by nature, who will tease, be funny, but who will not go too far. Being comfortable and looking brave is the most important. They also need to let the group and us, know about being allowed to take photos or not.

  • All Tattooed/pierced Life models: Those people are usually regular life models who find it impossible to wear their piercings or model at all because of their tatooes, when a large minority of Artist do appreciate them.

  • All Pro Active Life models and models: This depends on what get's done and what has been agreed. There work is only paid in cash, never in promisses.

  • All Acting Life Models: Life models who don't mind to appear and act in Movies as the Pay can vary from £50/job to £400/day and we've already helped many.

  • All traveling models: Many people traveling hope to find little jobs when they are there or swap their work for accomodation. Some models want the world to know about them and they also want to find out who are the Artists who'd pay them or offer free accomodation in exchange for their modeling time. They are advised to travelled with a friend or their partner or check/meet the artist long before they need the swap.

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