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                                                                               ARTIST REFERRAL FORM
In case you happen to know a friend, family member or acquaintance that is also artistically talented, that you think you should help, you now know that, by doing so, you can earn yourself a commission (Starts at 10%) for your contribution. Once you earned your commission, maybe you could kindly surprise this person with 2 flight tickets to a nice hot destination, as they absolutely deserve it. Maybe this person only has time and inspiration for creating rather than promoting, advertising. If they don't seem to sell any of their work at all, it is time for you to help them in 2020... If you are the artist then it's time to send a link to this website to friends and family who have more time to help, socialize and Network online rather than producing Art, so they can also benefit from their actions.
Helpers/promoters should try to Act like an agent or Artist should try to find someone who can act as such and provide us with what we need to make things happen... As if this wasn't good/exciting enough helpers can manage things and find more people who can refer Artists or buyers back to you and us. They'd also get their commission also knowing that you'll always get a more substantial one. Please follow this link to our referral program page to find out, step by step, how easy it is to achieve permanent and always growing results.
As Helper, you may also want to go further and exhibit their, your or some of our member's Artworks at your office, shop or somewhere else safe, and public enough to attract the necessary positive attention.
Going even further would be for you to Find corporate and home hirers, from which you can earn recurring growing commissions, and occasionally earn large commissions lump sums as if the hirer gets attached to an Artwork, they'd rather keep it/buy it, you again would receive your commission.
As you can see, no matter what you do, it's simply impossible not to hugely benefit, get others to benefit  and help improve your World with more Art & creativity. Now your pension is finally taken care of.
Things have changed from the time when wars and slavery were the only ways used to produce marvels of this world, nowadays Love and appreciation can produce as much or even more if we let others know. This is when capitalism has the chance to proves a few new obvious undeniable benefits.
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