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This Network welcomes all Artists from anywhere in the World who want to display their work and abilities so that being an Artist becomes better than ever from the beginning of this Online Revolution we are all witnessing.

What to do: Simply go to the DRAW LIFE Register and fill the everybody's section as well as the Artist part. We ask all artist to use a brand new Artist name for increased security as Online also means more risks from Identity  theft to scammers.

This presence online is not only for showing your Art but to have an hour slot on our Draw LIFE 24/7 Channel, for at least 1hr/week where you can talk to anyone watching anywhere in the World. All this is Free for you as long as you participate Actively by using any of our services at least once a month such as Online tutored classes or friendly "SKETCHY". Those who don't become active after a month will be asked to at least take our minimum Subscription at £1.20/week.

What you find that could be useful here:

  • You can show what you've Sold and have for sale Art here and all the information you'd like amateurs to know.

  • You can go to Online Life Drawing events tutored or untutored and see our models that you may want to draw again.

  • You can hire our recordings of tutored classes for 72 hrs or at no cost for the recording of your choice if you are a Monthly Life Drawing Streaming member. This would help you create really good work that you will show here on your Portfolio.

  • You can benefit from our Patronage program and have your own community group with very useful pages from discussions, forums, photos... Whoever wants to talk to you to hire your service or maybe buy Art, will need to join this group first that carries a mini membership of £1.20/week.

  • The same applies to whoever sees you on our 24/7 channel except that they can talk to you Live before joining the group.

  • People who want to watch you and other Artists, models, people on our 24/7 Channel need to take a monthly Membership of £20/month that carries a referral potential, meaning that whoever you refer our 24/7 channel to or/and  Tutored life drawing channel you receive a growing amount of commission monthly.

  • You will get discount on Materials we will receive special offers for.

  • You will be able to send your friends, our way,  who also need a bit of exposure and don't mind being drawn online fully dressed while talking about their Lives, interest or Business as long as everyone use borrowed names. Yourself and any of your friends can ask to have their own patronage group and start inviting people to wath you/them Online and take membership.

  • Because our 24/7 Channel does NOT contain nudity and because nudity is only visible to paying Artists and Amateurs, you feel safe enough to invite Family and friends of all ages who also need this to go through those worrying times...

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