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Mi., 28. Sept.


Zoom meeting

Auditions moved to 6pm UK time when any request...

We'll help you get there as a model or Artist.

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Auditions moved to 6pm UK time when any request...
Auditions moved to 6pm UK time when any request...

Zeit & Ort

28. Sept. 2022, 18:00 – 20:20 GMT+1

Zoom meeting


Über die Veranstaltung

Life Drawing auditions help us find models we want to draw for many years to come. Auditions are now after any of our Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday online sessions at 9.15pm UK time. To enjoy those sessions you'll need to have bought a ticket for the 7pm session or be a full member with a Life Drawing, a Pro or a Portrait pass. only about half the sessions are recorded as we always ask the model  if we can by email. Because too many of them have been cancelled in the past, as models do get scared/change their mind, we now have them after our regular classes to avoid disappointments. There is never any guarantee they'll happen. Please donate anything to influence our choices in models at All donations go 100% to them.

History note for Londoners: This idea of helping Life models, started around 2005 when I trippled my models salary without realizing that it would become the National minimum wage about 6 months later. So many, by the thousands, then, wanted to do life modeling in London. To help so many of them learn their trade I invited them at our  busy Saturday classes as extra models on top of the model we actually hired on the day ( not actually on top obviously). Artists loved it, so we ended up drawing up to 3 or 4 of them  per class (up to 8 once), some would also do it for the creative buzz and not to ever get paid. At the end of the class we'd buy them a drink at our drawing appreciation time. They could also see themselves in the Drawings which really made their day for some of them. 

This unfortunately gave ideas to bad people who  started charging all life models so that they could not work otherwise (many paid and never did) and paid extra to audition so double kching!. Those baddies only used Free models at their own drop in classes or would pose themselves. Tony was doing so well, they thought they should also have a go at running their own. But their classes had such a bad reputation that they had to find exotic ways to help them survive and in fact became wealthy from this active exploitation... 

We do not charge Life models for anything, never did, never will, even for their promotion to counteract what has been happening for too long. If you are a model around London, please let other models know they shouldn't pay anymore. This is one of the hardest, oldest, worst paid job of all times. When I started my first class ever in 2003 they were paid £3/h which I rose to £10/h while fashion or photo models were getting from £50/h and could afford to pay model agencies. As soon as I increased their wages, someone, that same Life model baddy, thought that now Life models could afford to pay (her) and being so many of them it could really make good money. Too many who tried to help models and who charged the Artists and Art Schools instead, were forced to close their business so they obviously also affected this Network which is exactly why I am still and will continue helping good old Life models... If you are not from London simply ignore this note as I don't think anyone has ever charged Life models to work on our Planet but let me know on a PM if you hear of anything.

Tony :)


  • Free Ticket for All

    but please influence our choice with donation link given during the class.

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  • Donate to the model(s)

    This donation will go directly to the model you gave to. This won't give you a ticket or zoom link as for that you need to buy a ticket to our 7pm or be a full member.

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