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Di., 10. Jan.


Zoom meeting


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Zeit & Ort

10. Jan. 2023, 19:00 – 21:20 GMT

Zoom meeting


Über die Veranstaltung

This is the right place to enjoy drawing smiling, happy people, or Life Models who how to stay still, so we can draw them for at least 30 mins poses while being recorded for later work. Members Drawing each other's is Free but Drawing a model isn't unless you are a full member or a Front Line NHS nurse/Police or Fire Brigade.

 This event happens on Tuesdays when on Mondays we explain and Practice how to start a drawing using different materials, for short to long poses, which is the best thing you can do to also help you start your Portraits on Tuesdays. 

When you'll become comfortable with Portraiture, you won't believe how impatient and better you'll become with your in-person or Zoom Life Drawing. Please check our Monday events descriptions to find out what medium we use and talk about every week even if all mediums are welcome (not like most in Person classes). 

Today's tip from me: "Never start your drawing with what you really want to start drawing first, such as faces, unless you plan to only draw that, as if you do, this always plays tricks on proportions. Take your time and see the big picture/biggest shapes and volumes first."

 (JTP- all rights reserved) 

Cost: Our members drawing each others sessions are Free, but not when drawing selected professional models. Our models have the experience, so at the moment, to be able to draw them, we ask you to donate £5 that goes straight to them unless you are a full Life Drawing or Portrait member. All £5 or Free tickets need to be found on our website here, even if you are a full member. Professional Model drawing can only happen once a month for now, but will become bi-weekly, or even weekly and our Members drawing each others sessions could become 24/7 as a weekend events the way we already gave it a go, in 2020. 

If you'd like to keep yourself Artistically Active, you can also work from Live and/or recordings for only £8/$10 a month as a full Portrait member which also includes our past recordings (no sound). 

When those numbers have grown we'll start Cash Prize winning competitions so tell your best buddy about making new fun friends Online, while drawing/Painting. You'll soon find out that working from recordings is the perfect addition to Distance learning, including Youtube or Domestika (see our pricing plans). 

Because those recordings are always available to use, you can improve 10X faster as long as you keep at it and use your spare time wisely, winter or too hot days are best for that. Our low cost plans work as friendly long term reminders to keep you reminded to not stop drawing/painting which is what Netflix, Prime want you to do. 

To try to help you, with that, even more, I send a short weekly newsletter, to gently remind you about our weekly sessions. I used to text thousands of subscribers but this would not work any more, even emails have to be intentionally kept out of your junk mail folder. Our tickets can also easily end up there, so definitely keep checking. 

Soon you'll start drawing friends, family, people you Love and will surprise them with this, more than useful, life long Skill of yours. 

Let's make a date right now for this Tuesday or the next one, and I'll see you there, Live on Zoom. Those who want to do In-person sessions anywhere in London or globally, please let me help as this has been my 20 years crusade. As I leave between two cities I just can't really run my own regular classes anymore, but can pop in at yours and say hi! :) 



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