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Mo., 14. März


Zoom event

Face Drawing for everyone with language learning...

Any Age, background, health condition, language, abilities anywhere are welcome here to Draw Faces and make new creative buddies....

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Face Drawing for everyone with language learning...
Face Drawing for everyone with language learning...

Zeit & Ort

14. März 2022, 18:30 – 22:30 GMT

Zoom event

Über die Veranstaltung

This event is all about bringing all of us back together, bring back smiles and creative excitement, on all faces, no matter how Old, young or even if  not human like drawing your pets, car, house...

Whoever we love and appreciate we simply want others to do the same capturing their image artistically forever, on Paper and  digitally. Graphic tablets are also welcome as to me they are only a practical tool to improve our 2D abilities on paper. Nothing can repalce Physical Drawing/Painting.

Anyone coming to this event need to leave their camera on if they don't mind being drawn, so from the beginning we know what to do and start organizing Live portraits and shared photos of mine. Soon all my photos will show here where everyone will be able to rate them to say what they'd like to draw. This is when classes will start carrying a cost as I don't intend to give away my images for Free.

At the moment this class is Free as we are drawing each other and advertised in as many languages as possible in 2022.

In 2022 we will start earlier with a slightly different format.

Children participation under the age of 18 need to be with an Adult chaperoning them from home so I need to see the chaperon before 6.30pm when the session start or during the class.

If we have more than, let's say 3 kids and teens, we will put them in a separate zoom room where they can draw & giggle as loudly and creatively as they wish :). 

In Many Countries they do Life Drawing in Schools with young Children where they are organized in Pairs and draw each other's Faces or fully in their uniforms. Hopefully more will in more countries...

Those sessions are completely Free for all except for those who want the recording to continue, finish their drawings or to also support us for what we are trying to or managed to achieve in18 years and not because I look like Brigitte Bardot :).

Now that you know that we can also draw from shared photos, why don't you start snapping away your Nanny, your puppy, your doggy or your best buddy so we can happily draw them in 2022?

We will be drawing each others throughout Christmas, Holidays, bad and good days...

All drawings can be shown to all other members by uploading them to, but please take your photos in low to medium resolution.

Any friendly Donation can be done by clicking our Happy donation button on our home page here on this website. I wrote to Santa this year, as we've been particularly good this year, so let's see what happens...

All Photos you'd like to have drawn by any good Artist so you can buy their work for at least £100, should be uploaded at To give you ideas, It could be your Child, Boss, Sister, friend, dog, Cat, Silver Fish, Snake, rabbit...

May the creative force be with you all in 2022 and beyond :)


eukart at

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