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Mo., 30. Mai


Zoom Online

Monday 7pm affordable Guided Life Drawing with Incredible "Cookie"

Guided 9 mins of essence of a pose capture, 5 x 1min Line work, 2, 5 mins learning of all tools available, 10 mins x2 with max power/energy and out of comfort zone time, 20 mins x3 from quick start, composition, use of inspiration.

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Monday 7pm affordable Guided Life Drawing with Incredible "Cookie"
Monday 7pm affordable Guided Life Drawing with Incredible "Cookie"

Zeit & Ort

30. Mai 2022, 19:00 – 21:20 GMT+1

Zoom Online


Über die Veranstaltung

Every Monday, at the beginning of our creative week, I offer an Hour of guided Life Drawing in a 2 hours session + extra time for Drawing feedbacks and appreciation. We sometimes invite guests to get maximum diversity whenever we get a recommendation.

We started using well known Classical and contemporary Artists as themes, using model poses found in their Paintings and drawings... We may also tell their Stories in or outside the class on separate videos.

Those who prefer drawing & learning from Live zoom sessions, on a weekly basis with a friendly bunch, can do that here for £2.50 per class as a minimum recommended donation and has to be paid before the class so your zoom link can be sent automatically. To donate extra once you've bought a ticket, please paypalme here and say if it's for our model.

As soon as your passion grows and you feel confident enough to go to In person classes near you, sometime with us, you could take an hour after the class or whenever, to finish what you've started, with recorded advice, for weeks, months to come or on your Day off. You might easily surprise yourself using methods that were never available until about 18 months ago. You can also turn the sound down and see if you can use all the tools I've given you/reminded you of.

Online Life Drawing means being in the best seat, at the best Angle and distance possible every time, so no need for binoculars, in fact some of our classes you can Pin the camera and angle you prefer with multi-cameras models.

Working from recordings also means that you can finally give a go at Painting or sculpting without rushing. To Paint/sculpt in person with the right conditions and teacher you may need to buy an expensive course. This won't be needed ever again and to help that, we'll keep adding the right Youtube videos on our website for you, until we start our own hopefully in 2022 or find the right Art teachers.

 An in Person classes can cost nearly 10 times what a class here, will cost you, with the best possible conditions. Some of those class organizers, use the biggest room they can afford, fill it with 50+ rather confident artists who all have different interests, needs and abilities and where helping everyone is impossible/difficult for individuals. They can become very succesful but not for Artistic or educational reasons at all but because of the human proximity factor many crave for, the connection felt as a collective, and the novelty excitement. All this will takes you out of your comfort zone which is absolutely great for absolute creativity that the Art Doctor would prescribe.  I've  experienced a lot of that but always helped those who needed/beginners so no huge space was ever used and Music at every class since 2004 also helped cover my voice.

If you happen to be a beginner who wish you could draw well enough/be confident enough to go to any in person classes regularly, you found the place where at no extra cost you can get extra help from me by turning your cameras towards your work. I can then pin your camera and help you in the second hour using the Chat on Zoom. I'll need at least an hour warning and payment/donation to set up my equipment for it. This kind of Help provided to beginners is best given about once a month so not everytime. What an Art teacher can only help you with is to explain what you need to change/improve, give you the tricks/ways to get there, but then only Practice, lots of it, can change things, make a difference. Using class recordings of classes means your time, work, occupation isn't an obstacle anymore...

The cost for Live sessions is £2.50 ea. but to draw from recordings iit becomes £20/month for Life Drawing or £10 for Portraiture and can be cancelled at any time. 

I have, never, in 18 years, charged extra for any help I gave and maybe never will, but expensive technology now makes a huge difference on how easily and quickly you can develop your Art and skills, and it does cost us a lot. Mostly Monthly regular members/pass holders help us pay for our models and this technology. 

If you refer or bring friends, people, employees to us for regular membership, you'll start earning from your good deads. An Art together World is amazing, a non creative World of people living in isolation would be the end of our civilization.

Time to smile, look at other Artists work, research about the right equipment, papers and even prepare drawing backgrounds before you get to a class.

Finally my advice for today: 

"Whenever you become good at using any medium, keep using and using and using it until you feel you can try something else a little/not too much in a 1min and 10 mins pose, as this would become beneficial to your main technique. Never stop using your main technique at every single Online or in person class, but always try something completely different you're quite bad, new to, or have been keen in improving, like Painting which is easier to do from home, until one day both techniques merged enough to create a Style, your Style. 

By looking/browsing for artists you like, going to exhibitions, this other medium and technique can and is usually found. We are building a database that will be accessible to those motivated and monthly plan holder.

One day you could get confident in 3 techniques used separately and even more. Whenever you'll be able to do 5 or 6 you'll be considered, without you even feeling you are, as a Master of your Art. I have known only a handful of true Masters at in person classes in 16 years as they are usually too settled at home or in their Studio. The biggest mistake you can possibly do is to become good at using something and stop for more than a month because you've been concentrating on an other technique or medium. You would have lost months, sometime years of regular practice and techniques will no longer be able to inconsciously merge together... Please, do practice to become good, and never stop practicing anything you become, became good at or with... " 

Tony J. 


  • Discount ticket

    For unemployed, Low wages, Low income countries (Zone B) and for generous Artists who offer their feedbacks on our Facebook group "Drawing Feedbacks group (International) and for groups of 4 and above (£2.50 each). Please email at to send proofs. Only those we know about will be welcomed in our classes.

    2,50 £
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  • Pass Holder Free ticket

    Free entry to Pass Holders so they can donate to influence our Art World using our Happy Donation Button on our home page.

    0,00 £
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  • Live or /and from recording

    This gives you the choice between going Live or/and drawing from the recording that's now near HD quality. There is no limit on the duration of its use. This also helps paying our models and costs. When numbers go up, we can pay young talented people to make our services even better and continue helping our community.

    10,00 £
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