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Mo., 25. Jan.


Zoom session

Monday Online Life Drawing with Storm (Guided).

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Monday Online Life Drawing with Storm (Guided).
Monday Online Life Drawing with Storm (Guided).

Zeit & Ort

25. Jan. 2021, 18:30 – 21:10 GMT

Zoom session


Über die Veranstaltung

This is now our Permanent Monday class with mainly female models.

 In the first 1/2 of the class we always have a teacher guiding in what to do or not do. It will be me, who will be doing that most of the time in early 2021. I hope you won't mind :).

This year is very special as we are now helping those who help themselves by drawing more for less with monthly memberships and offer to promote them, their Art, their creative Business or anything good for our Community using tasteful Banner advertising here and on Meetup to start with. Soon we'll use their banners for extensive banner advertising promotions...

Anyway, please be aware that nowadays with online Life Drawing you can do a lot of things that weren't possible before in Person. We know that in person is great and won't argue with that.

Once upon a time people conscious about their drawings would be scared to go to in person classes, now they can go to classes everyday online, which is what's coming, and leave the meeting at the end until one day they feel happier with the result and stay to show their work and appreciate others.

Also what you won't get from us is impressive, hard to approach Art teachers running our events, instead it will be friendliness, compassion, patience and plenty of smiles :).

Now you could be in isolation and hire a recording of one of our classes for about the same cost and take all your time within 72 to prepare your Backgrounds, research, watch Youtube, buy a course (from us soon) and produce Art you just could not do before. Until now we were quite happy to not have maximum resolution in our recordings in purpose so that you don't get stuck in details but instead in Art.

Not all models allow for recordings so we'll keep you informed as long as you are signed up. Also models prefer when Artists keep their cameras on and absolutely forbid anyone to grab any photo or video from any class. The also get a fair portion of video hire.

The happier our models are the better our drawing get, so we just pay them more, treat them better and absolutely professionally so if you happen to hear anything contrary, please ignore, smile and report it to us as doing good brings terrible jaleousy on Social Media as you know.

Please keep in mind that if you take our £20/£30 memberships and will then draw more for less, you will also get our Support with Free Banner Advertising, Free classes, Free access to Pages, etc... Once you take care of yourself, I'll take kare of you.

Some of our classes will also be pre-recorded for those who love drawing details and models will be paid like a normal class.


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