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Sa., 27. März


Zoom meeting

Saturday Live Life Drawing with Gesture and Amy

2 hours of non stop creativity

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Saturday Live Life Drawing with Gesture and Amy
Saturday Live Life Drawing with Gesture and Amy

Zeit & Ort

27. März 2021, 17:00 – 19:20 GMT

Zoom meeting


Über die Veranstaltung

This is the All in one and for everyone perfect Life Drawing class with no nonsense guidance and a mix of poses from Expressive moving, 30 secs, 1 min, 2,5,10,20, 30 mins poses and Drawing appreciation at the end like at all our classes. Perfect session for the all World to get together and forget everything. As we all know the more, the better we draw or at least we go further in any Style we try. To help that and to help you do just that, we decided to take a big risk which is to allow you to draw up to 20 classes a month for £20 even knowing that we pay models more than anywhere else (possibly) at £40/£50 a session + your Donations. We are not here to make a living but to leave a Lifetime Passion while giving away everything we know and learned for 18 years+ while running classes all over London. I spent about 10 years absolutely isolated building/rebuilding properties so that since 2003, today and in the future I can help you and my World. Anyway, you might be more interested in learning what Regular Life Drawing is. As I prefer to give what everyone want rather than just one group of people, most days, everyday soon I hope, we draw different type of People with different durations, poses etc... So you can try everything and pay much less with our Monthly memberships that you can stop at anytime. Here are a few things that we can do together now that weren't possible, didn't exist a year ago or Before Covid 19: You are no more limited on what you can use at Art classes or the size of your Artwork, you can go back to the recording minutes after the class (New!) and finish, re-start, mix medias, experiment until you find that works as that is the rule of the game, you can invite a friend or more occasionnally so it works as a trial session for them, you get a few days later to a few minutes High res. stills or poses you just drawn so you have the choice between fully Still or recording of Live modeling, you can get me or our coming soon tutors to advise you on your drawing/painting once a week if we can, and we try and you get 20 to 50% discounts on more expensive courses or Classes... Soon physical classes will start again and we will go together also when we know it's gonna be great. If you have a contact list or send newsletters to creative minds, please sign up to our Website where tickets are and forward our newsletters to your people. We were running many classes in Offices and hen do's befor Covid for years so that's also possible. To buy tickets and to see exactly if the event is On or not you will have to go to and see our updated calendar on our Home page with instructions visible there if needed. You also need to check our other pages such as the 4 D's or Prices. For those interested in working or getting in touch go to our Contact page. Wix is coming up with new ways and apps that will soon make things look the way it should on your smart devices. I was busy for 2 or 3 months plastering and re-decorating and now can see the end of the Tunnel in a week or two when I'll start filming some tuition finally :), so please bare with me and i'll still be running most classes as if nothing was happening... If you don't see much RSVPs here plese don't think it is going to be a cancelled class as our event are advertised in 60+ meetup groups and Full monthly members don't need to RSVP so the count of Participants is never correct on our website or on Meetup. The last good thing about drawing more and paying less is that you can become part of our team of influencers who depending on what they Donate simply give us an idea on whether they had a good or a great time. Some classes also do get cancelled/posponed because of the model so always check at as we are in too many groups to update for any changes. If you are a teacher and want to join our creative fun or a Life model, a venue, a beginner with something to say please go to our Contact page.


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