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So., 14. Nov.


Zoom Online

Sunday Guided Gesture Life Drawing with ...

From moving, 30 secs, 1 mins x5, 2, 5. 10 x 2, 20 x 5 and longer pose at the end.

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Zeit & Ort

14. Nov. 2021, 18:30 – 22:30 GMT

Zoom Online

Über die Veranstaltung

Every Sunday we Draw the Dynamic human figure  and start with moving /30 secs poses, which help us all  bring more energy/flow/reflexes to our Drawings from the very first strokes, which is extremely important for all graphic Arts. Then we go to longer and longer poses with less guidance  near the middle to let you apply advice, letting you enjoy our copyright free soothing music.

The session is 2  hours long plus plenty of Drawing appreciation happening at the end.  Monthly members can get extended feedbacks from me and our future talented Artists from our member's Gallery page. Amongst other things they can use the recording forever to produce more and more of a masterpiece that we can give feedbacks whenever they like.

The class is Free to access to, but Donations are what makes the boat sail, keeps us afloat in the summer, and keeps Life models happy, motivated and shining.

The lucky ones who can and would rather spend all day drawing, painting, sculpting can join us from 3pm when members draw each other to improve their Face drawing abilities with a giggle, so they can also fully shine at Life Drawing classes as Faces is the second majoer issue.  Then we enjoy a Cup a tea, set ourself  for painting, colours, large format, experimentation, covering floors, with great lighting and conditions impossible to have at an in Person class.

If you are serious about your Art or ability to make others wow you Art please think about stopping Netflix for a few month and instead Draw, Paint, Sculpt all incl. for £5 a  week. A lot happens for monthly members and more and more will the longer they subscribe. They can even ask for what  they need poses help for a  Figure drawing projects/idea/Painting. I simply enjoy making things happen, helping others with their plans, too much... :) As Arnie says: You should haaave a plaaan! :) Let's think about that one...

Everyone deserve such benefits especially in this time of personal to international crisis. Please tell everyone about this making sure they know the goodness we spread  now internationally knowing it started in the UK and  influenced a few other countries from 2004.  Let the World know that

  • we regularly increase model salaries,  after tripling them in 2005, we voluntaraly treat them extremely well/help them. Even if we didn't we would have to, as there's a gang of life models in the UK who keep an eye, everyday, on us for the last 15 years.
  • We invented donations for life models in Bethnal green in 2010, and now keep asking for donations for them at every class, and also created new ways for them to earn.
  • Please let everyone no matter their age and skills that we don't charge for tuition and guidance with 18 years of intense practice,
  • Let others know that we promote Artist and everyone with the means we have at the time.. We'll be definitely be doing more and more using affordable technology now available...

Many tried to stop us in our endevour since we made classes nearly Free in 2004 using Free to use Pubs (before smoking ban) but we thrived against all odds only because you understood our wish to improve our World by improving everyone lives (very good Buddhist concept). If everyone knew what it took maybe we'd receive thousands at every class in donations, so we'll think about this one and maybe start writing a book... Oh My... !

Models should email photos at eukart at, and if in the UK, stop paying agencies who don't only do nothing but try to control the life Drawing scene by forcing them to gang up on zoom or social media spreading nasty rumors so the more you actively spread good rumours the better :). This is only a Local London UK situation, created by one person since 2004, so please smile and ignore.

Please keep your videos on on Zoom especially when you are new to our sessions so models feel much more at ease.

Grabbing of any photo or video is strictly forbidden and publishing them anywhere could lead to legal action. ANyone going on zoom should be kept as private as possible. Selling videos of Life models shouldn't be allowed.

Some of our future goals are to reach more cities anywhere, use less paper everywhere, create a video tuition series and I might even start modeling again, 30 years later doing my 200 pushups challenge :).

If you know of any Art teacher or model you'd recomment let us know so we can let our 12k members  know.

Life models who can volunteer let's say 1/2 the time would be very incredibly useful to new Art teachers running their first classes as Free venues are now extremely rare to find, just another seed I am planting that should very soon grow, rather than charging male Life models to volunteer, again coming from the same gang of baddies :).

Good Old days have been replaced now by good new days at home Drawing, Painting all the time safely in good company together from all corners of  our World :).

We'll boldly go, online, where no one has drawn before...

Tony Picano (FB Creative friends group)

00 44 7951613705 (always text first)


  • Donation and support Ticket

    Want to support with a very reasonable donation this week?

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  • Donate After/Full members

    Free entry so you can donate to influence your Art World or Free for Monthly members who can still donate using our Happy Donation button on our Home page.

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