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So., 13. März


Zoom Online

Sunday Guided Gesture Life Drawing with Val

From moving, 30 secs, 1 mins x5, 2, 5. 10 x 2, 20 x 5 and longer pose at the end.

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Sunday Guided Gesture Life Drawing with Val
Sunday Guided Gesture Life Drawing with Val

Zeit & Ort

13. März 2022, 18:00 – 21:00 GMT

Zoom Online

Über die Veranstaltung

Sunday is the day when our friends from America spend most of the day Drawing and sometime Painting from Live sessions but can spend the rest of it Painting and doing much more elaborate work, we help them do that in anyway we can and exhibit show their Work to our Global Members. For our UK and European Friends they spend most of Sunday Painting or even Sculpting from Last week recordings if they paid for the class or are paying for our crazy affordable Monthly membership(s). Then after a small Dinner they jump in our Live sessions as we all obviously miss this Live aspect of Drawing together and can then after the class relax as they know what they'll be able to Paint next Sunday.

For our Friends from Australia and Asia they simply rarely come to Live classes, instead they take our crazy Membership and Draw, Paint, Sculpt at whatever time suits them best. Recordings also carries about an hour of advice, tips, tricks, dos and donts from the teacher on the day. It's me for now because I have 18 years of experience but looking for even better teachers than myself that Artists and students recommend to us so please do.

Our Full members can also invite friends/family/people who could do with a noble Hobby in this time of isolation and depression. They can have their own folder to upload their drawing so never loose them and we can then give them in depth advice once a month if they want.

Full members also go straight to the Art Map that is Global and promote, bring people together.

The Art map will also show Local Artists, classes and models amongst other things Artistic, even in person class attendees friends can go on it...

This session was 2 hours in 2021 but will become 3 hours as we may have new Models wanting to audition and work with us as we would never dare Life models, being the least paid modeling work on the planet. Cost for the classes won't change if we do have an audition and it may be recorded (50% of the time).

Art models do prefer if you keep your cameras on but we also have people with Social inhabilities joining us every week or people with disabilities and they don't really want to show their faces and we understand but expect them to let us know. We also get a lot of people who keep their cameras off, not because they are perves, no because they want to learn the tuition bit and not pay for the classes sometime. We don't mind as this is what we've been doing for the last 15 years out of 18, helping whoever needs no matter where they come from and now no matter where they are. I absolutely Love watching TV Life Drawing or Portrait programs on Sky or BBC and hear Art teachers repeating words for words sentences of mine to competing Artists who used to come to my classes regularly (Bethnal green). I just sleep better at night and look fresher and younger because of it :).

After every class you should help other participants by uploading your Photos of your Ar, so they can get inspired, motivated or make them plan things, at so in case you fancied a thorough help and analysis of your drawing for an extra £10, I could easily access to it. That also means, please put your listening ears on, you could be paying the same for one session with advice than a all month with about 15 classes and advice included for the same amount...

Christmas and new years resolutions are coming soon, so instead of buying like a yearly very expensive membership why not buy a Monthly recurring until you decide to cancel or continue if the person you Love, does love his, her new Hobby. This is one of the rare hobbies that helps other parts of your Life and help many succeed quicker, like meditation or Chanting can do... Except you can be proud of what you achieved, frame it, exhibit it, give it to people or one day sell it...

I hope you managed to understand most of this description as I now try to write those in the Morning. I used to do a lot of Evening classes, working afterwards and would not have the time to even read again and might have scared a few, Sorry about that :).

Now let get together and Draw, Paint, Sculpt and socialize a bit, show our Art a bit, make new friends a bit...



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