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Di., 19. Mai


Online Zoom Life Drawing

Weekly "Get together" Live Life Drawing

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Weekly "Get together" Live Life Drawing
Weekly "Get together" Live Life Drawing

Zeit & Ort

19. Mai 2020, 18:00 – 20:20 GMT+1

Online Zoom Life Drawing


Über die Veranstaltung

Let's get together and Draw the Human form so we share the trauma of Coronavirus but instead feel much better together.

This is what I try to do since 2003, which is to make people's life including mine, by bringing them together to Draw, paint, sculpt our very special Human form and used about 100 pubs in London UK and another 100 rather unusual places, venues where no one ever drew before. 

Now we are going online, bringing not dozens of artists together but billions hopefully making them happier together with creativity.

This class will remain every week at the same time and day for the next few years and cost £7. For those who find it time consumming to buy tickets everytime please pay £65 at and i'll personally email you your zoom link every time you email me at eukart at msn dt com. Others who want to add the moto/little push aspect can pay £55 for 10 sessions and will be invited to, no more or less than, 10 consecutive sessions.

This Paypalme is also used for Donations to me if I do a good job or the model does, every week, simply write who the donation is for. As I was the one to tripple the minimum wage of UK life models in 2004, don't worry about me making sure that Life models get what they deserve for the service they give/gave that allowed for the creation of those new (at least) UK and US creative industries (400 regular classes in London before the Coronavirus).

At all my classes I will tutor as much as possible improvising and without using the same script at every class so absolutely all levels of aptitude can get together again and share those special moments by turning the sound up or down. I'll also introduce Music I've used and introduced to the Network for the last 15 years at least for a pose or two. I know how much the french accent is appreciated, I've been told once or twice before :).

I will record some of those classes and keep them available to watch and draw with in our "Past recordings" where takings are fairly shared with our brave Life models. Any hire of any recorded video is 72 hrs for now so don't hesitate, especially the Advanced artists, the Fine artists or the exercizing beginner...

Life models who don't mind being recorded will also participate to "Sketchy" Doodle/Portrait sessions and create their groups of following artists so they can start being able to pay their Students loans. If you want to find someone to help who can help you as an Artist, there it is...

Our Life models will be in Majority Female but particularly talented male models or charismatic, muscular ones will definitely be there for us occasionally on Tuesdays but mainly on Saturdays which aren't weekly for now. We've researched this and 70% of all Active artists preferred female models with as much to draw as possible so tallish and biggish.

We ask all artists to show their drawing on the day at the end of the session or show them on our meetup group "Life Art streamers" for London, UK's Drawing Live for UK or World groups active at the time we'll mention in the London and UK group.

I careful about our life models privacy and conditions and about bringing people together to draw/learn to draw so anyone who comes to us/me with strange remarks, comments will automatically be deleted and banned as they might simply be destructive incl. political, religious, feminist, racist or just nasty competition this new £sss industry created at least in the UK.

Everytime you go online for a class please take the habbit to at least tell one new person like a friend, colleague, manager, family member, neighbour, Fb friend, Instagram contact, even Bumble, OKc, POF or meetup buddies, so plenty of choice. The more we are the better the more special the experience will feel...

Any extra £s left is used to start paying Journalists, graphic designers, advertising and some is kept for the taxman and that's it.

Let's forget absolutely everything, make space in time and physically creating your long term creative space you'll defend at all cost, and just follow our intuition, let go, finally do it, improvise, get you mum or dad creatively busy, your disabled friend, your isolated, in the middle of nowhere brother, friend, sister, mum and just Draw/Paint.......

Myself I'll be going to other online classes I can find discretly so i can also do the same, so nothing to worry about :). I'll definitely go to "SKETCHY" sessions on Wednesday nights so I can draw my favourite subjet, Portraits. Portraiture is my left side of the brain time when Life Drawing is more of the right side especially Gesture and shorts...

Anyway, time to say "See you on Tuesday everyone!"



  • 19/5/20 6pm (london Time)

    7,00 £
    Verkauf beendet
  • 26/5/20 6pm (london Time)

    7,00 £
    Verkauf beendet


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