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How it works:

Becoming a member:

You can join as many Free to join City/Country groups as you like knowing that those don't have a Local admin so you will receive very little emails and could friend others in your group making sure you approach them in the most professional way possible to begin with.

To join Private groups, that are usually even more local or specialized, you will need to ask to join until the admin approves your request. Some of those groups may have a tiny charge attached to them to be paid monthly, of at least £1/week using our Private Group membership plan to pay regularly, knowing that you can cancel at anytime. This is your reminder that will keep you active.

This allows you to join  up to 10 groups and we'll kindly remind you to take another membership if you want to continue joining another 10 more groups.  

If your group admin is excellent at what he/she does and prefer to charge a membership only to that group, you will find a Paypal subscription link in their group description.

Private groups organize their own events using their own ticketing platform, so the only way to know about their events is to read their groups description, that they keep updated, and once you become a group member. 

When a new group is created, near you, we'll send you an email to your Free to join City/Country group with the new group's description.

Becoming an Admin/Organizer:

The first thing to go to our "Prices Plans" page and take the right Membership plan that enables you to run/admin 2 to 10 groups and more... Again we'll kindly remind you if you go over your limits. Our costs in 2021 for running groups is £5/month for up to 2 groups and £15 for up to 10 groups but you may also be given groups to run at no cost to you.

In your groups, you'll be able to start discussions, upload files and invite your members to events you'll host on your own ticketing platform. Make sure that you check which offer added promotion... Any class or course you may record can be shown and hired out on this website... To help your Business in the long term we offer a few new ideas:

  • Whatever your members pay to join your group, you keep 85%.

  • If you decide to write regular newsletters about Local creative Life and News, you would be given your Local News group to run at no extra cost and would also keep 85%.

  • If you are able to start a Support group where members will become your patrons in exchange for services or to just to support you/Your Art, you again will keep 85%.

  • Any video you provide for a course or a recorded class you will receive 50% from video hire, or 25% if we also split with a model registered with us.

The very few conditions we ask;

  •  That you moderate your group at all time as we won't be responsible to what could happen in your groups. 

  • That you know that if you ever decide to stop running one to all of your groups, you won't financially benefit from it/ them anymore... You will need to give us plenty of notice so we maybe able to find a replacement as quickly as possible. If you do find a good person to replace you, you will then continue earning 50% from your own passed members who are still active paying members.

  • Any group you decide to start for Online classes/events would need to compliment what is already happening on our platform, rather than competing. So if you have a group idea that can also help support you financially, we'll be happy to help by letting the all network know about it. Again 85% of all donations offered to join/support your group will go to you. If we need to help you with hosting zoom events we may share up to 50/50.

If you happen to become  the replacement admin/organizer of an existing group, your slate will be cleaned and you will need to invite new people to it, to start earning from your actions/work. To become the new admin of a group you'll need to be the first to answer back when we  email your Local group or the all Network, if your group deals with online events.


All organizers of Art classes groups, should know that they have to use our Network's Life models and models and not support agencies who charge them to be able to work, charge them again with their audition time and who have charged them, mainly men, to pose in Groups, tableaux vivant, until we found out... For in Person events you will deal with their payment and their cost will need to be accounted for when invoicing us.

All payments to you are done once we've received your invoice, that we usually pay very quickly.

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