Our DRAW LIFE 24/7 Channel shows people in their everyday Life, they talk about their life or show what they do do/make in their lives as long as we learn, get entertained and most of the time we can draw them for most of their appearances which is at least 60 mins a week in one or two parts.

Non of those people will ever be fully nude on our channel as we want people of all ages, beliefs and religion to all come together and draw the way we did from 2003 at venues (sometime incredible).

Models who are only models: They need to go to our Register page and fill the suitable parts for them, they also need to call themselves with a new model name for security reason. Then we need to see them online as a rehearsal to their first appearances Online. They will record themselves in situations indoor or outdoors in place or situations that many would absolutely love to see and draw. Like our Life models we create a video channel for them that carries a monthly membership that is share equally with them. They also talk and pose Live with artists there to see, listen and draw but also ask questions about what they do. Whoever would like to pay for their services would need to join their community group that carries a mini membership of £5/month. For as long as people want to draw someone or use their services they continue to pay the mini group membership, at least. Whenever times and life changes they can cancel any membership at anytime and explore other ideas/people. Models only can just pose or talk/present something while they are talking but stillness is important. Some models may also do Life modeling privately with someone they trust but takes week, months and sometime years and that's just the way it is.



Models who are also Life models: Some models who have experience in Life modeling may say it is possible to hire them for that from their portfolio/profile or simply in the conversation. At the moment for another few weeks/months we let them deal with the artists themselves and can only give them advice. Training and help with poses is something we can definitely do.  they would also tell their audience on our 24/7 channel that they will soon pose or are posing regularly for a Life Drawing or Costumes Themed class such as Burlesque, retro, cabaret, Period fashion. Telling people that we do donations for Models and Life models most of the time. They also give the alternative to anyone to join their patronage group that carries a tiny Membership £1.20/week. As nudity is not involved on our Channel or in big events we will organize on Live platforms, they can invite everyone from the Postman to the Mother in Law and get £5 recurring for any memberships their people will take.

People Modeling who are not models: Anyone who can teach Art Live or recorded can do so at no cost as long as we see them live rehearsal and we agree on their subject. They don't need to pose in any way as people on our Network will be trying to learn from them. They again will need a borrowed name, their community group and can benefit from referrals. They can also sell their services or even some of their Paintings/drawings online. Because we give 1/3 of the commission to the model who posed, 1/3 to a well known NHS charity we charge 50% commission as if we were an Art Gallery. Talented Artists comfortable in front of a camera or Art teachers, but also all sorts of tutors connected to any Art will be showing themselves Online on our Channel 24/7 anywhere in the World from Alaska to South Africa.