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We Offer a £$ reward of up to £100 to anyone with information about Life models or their employers who have been playing a silly criminal game in London UK for the last 10/15 years taking mainly good men down such as Artists, Art teachers and Organisers in the name of Feminism used for Business competition/ wrong reasons when Feminism is originally good.

Many models, Art teachers and even Artists, in London are cohearsed to make trouble to a few people and not only female models, also a few male who also get jobs in exchange for their collaboration. 

Everyday something happens hidden, in Silence, with one woman trying to get rid of those men no matter good or talented/innocent they are, its only for Business reason, nothing personal really :).

Some of those men have gone underground, changed carrier, commited suicide, etc except for a few who simply have done nothing wrong and have no reasons to hide...

Believe it or not but it is also happening to me, that's right, Tony, the founder of the Network for Life Drawing on this planet, the man who carried life Drawing classes on his stocky shoulders taking them where no one has drawn before, the man who trippled the minimum wage for Life models at first and always kept there wages up, which changed everything. The man that was so succesful that he ended up interviewed on Radio and Tele, had press awards, etc..., who started dozens of Ideas that are now used more than ever. Before him there wasn't any money in Life drawing and a few baddies were keeping it that way already then for business reason, until I went mad and made classes 1/3 of what classes were then with models paid X3.  This would be the equivalent today of charging £2.50 for a tutored class and pay models £60/h. I had complete freedom to recreate the World of Life Drawing as nobody else would, and I did loosing hundreds of £ss for the first few months. Anything was possible as all was succesfull and I was the only person in London able to do that ever possibly. So people also asked me what they wanted. I was able to start all sorts from Gesture to multi models, Burlesque... but also what people were asking for like Erotic Life Drawing, as a Business just closed down called "Rodinesque" that also had its days of glories.

This criminal, who hoped to take advantage of this situation, have, for 10 years now, forced Life models to provide private emails that were written to fit the situation at the time which was to find models who'd be happy to go further than others for erotic classes that are happening now anyway and even sometime helped by this criminal. Please understand that about 40% of Life models do want to go further with the right Artist(s)/situation and that she also knows very well. Those events happily went on about 10 years ago for about 2/3 years but never happened again since with me, I retired from those, as they were then succesfully taken over by groups of young women that she helped, for business purposes. Too many young ladoes have gone the wrong way and just can't go any other way now so she can use them.

Little private comments that weren't nasty or criminal in anyway have been cut and put together to fit a Blog that has been illegally shown to thousands of people with models asked also to lie to their teeth to make it sound 3 times worse. Simply the perfect nightmare all orchestrated by one woman that never did her job properly which is why I was spending half my time doing what she couldn't. At least I forced her to up her game for the sake of a few lucky Life models.

Her game is to use other women who want to rally together with others and help each other, having them to do all the dirty work for her anonymously. As she never made any impact whatsoever on my will to bring people together to draw, she raised the game and it will soon go out of control on her side as I have always kept cool and passive.

To be able to stop her, which means innocent models will then be able to relax too, we need a few more witness accounts of what models have been cohersed to do and for what benefits, we need your help that I am happy to pay for as she is also offering £SSS in Jobs. Well not so much now so she offer other kind of help bringing girls together to help each other.

This just means She will again find someone good with written words and will go a step beyond, contact people all over the World as they simply spoke to everyone from Youtube to Groupon, Cassart, TV companies, Venues of all kind, Airbnb, Meetup, etc...

I was warned 17 years ago by a Woman Art teacher who told me that the Art education World is not for men, they are tolerated but have to fit the perfect mold. At least I can say that the tons of equipment that were needed for those hundreds of classes anywhere and everywhere had to be carried by a man and not any man. In fact at the end After 12 years of that I badly hurt my Achilles tendon and had to stop the crusade.

To be on the safe side and be able to stay cool, I am now working with people all around the WOrld so it keeps those criminals busy trying to find their name and contact details :).

A few more witnesses and we should be able to stop this always growing threat, as innocents models are getting into really tricky situation just to help her business crusade of making a living out of charging Models in need large sums every year, using all possible tricks and perversions there is in England UK.

The only photo of her that is visible online shows her standing at an easel with a male life model on his knees looking up as if he is begging, grabbing her leg and the title for the photo is "Me and my Dog", that dozens of thousands of isolated women, models have seen...

This reward offer will show until the end of the month until my mood changes and will pop up whenever I'll have enough again of her dirty tricks using innocent good people which simply proves her 25 years  of incompetence at all levels from Modeling to teaching, to running hen and Stag naughty classes even employing the unemployable. Only a few good models with talent allowed her to still be in business as they simply didn't have a choice. A man who would do what she does and has done would be called a Pimp. Because of Covid-19, she is now helping the creation of women only groups, again, to help keep her business reputation up. 25 years ago nobody knew about her as she was just a life model showing a list of other life models, so she could pick jobs for herself, now she is still unknown, hidding behind other people she corrupted and a business name... Things will escalade soon or later and at least I would have warned the Art education World and you guys :).

Please don't take this all this any seriously as it has been continious for 12 to 15 years now and can't stop good people like myself, who've been drawing fabulous people for more than 50 years now. Which is exactly why I look 35 and still smiling, drawing, enjoying Life, Drawing!

Now any London model will know they can choose between crime with a criminal case open or Passion, humanity, honesty, coolness with up to £100 reward to balance things up, help you go the good way anonymously. We also now have the website and infrastructure to start a Life model agency run by male and female models. Please, Let keep genders together or after coronavirus this could simply be the end of all of us/the Human race.

Hopefully true feminists will also help the situation.

May the creative force always be with us...

Tony Picano


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